Different Style Eyelash Extensions

Different Style Eyelash Extensions;

There are many different styles of eyelash extensions. There are Natural, Volume, and Wispy styles. Each style has different advantages and disadvantages. By using this guide, you will be able to choose the best style for your clients. In addition, you can learn to master the mapping method. This technique allows you to aim the longest lashes up the arch of the eyebrow.

Cat eye

The cat eye is a unique style for eyelash extensions that uses the longest lashes outside of the eye. This style creates a wider, more almond-shaped eye, making it more prominent. This style may not be the best choice for women whose eyes tend to turn down, however, as the longer lashes may exaggerate the downturn. On the other hand, it can help lift the eyes and enhance their natural beauty.

Cat eye lash extensions come in two different styles: classic and volume. The classic version uses one extension per natural lash while the volume style uses two to six extensions per natural lash. Volume extensions give the most dramatic look but are not suitable for everyday wear. Another style is the hybrid style, which combines the best of both styles. The classic style gives a natural, dramatic look, while the volume fans add fluffiness and fullness.


Natural different style eyelash extensions are available in a variety of colors and styles. Some look dreamy, while others are softer and subtle. Choose one that matches your eye color, shape, and size. If you want to make your eyes pop, opt for a dramatic look. If you prefer a more natural look, try a classic full set.

There are a number of different styles of eyelash extensions to suit everyone’s taste and budget. If your natural lashes are thin and lack the thickness to support long extensions, you can go for the volume-enhancing Feline Flick style. This design will add a little extra definition to your eyes and compliment your winged eyeliner. You can also choose the Cat Eye style if you have a downturned eye.


Volume eyelash extensions are designed to give the client the appearance of fuller lashes. These extensions were developed by Russian technicians and are typically comprised of two or more extensions applied to each natural lash. Unlike classical lashes, volume lashes are applied using a fan-like technique and may use different ratios.

Volume eyelash extensions are a great choice if you’d like a dramatic look. They add height and dimension to your natural lashes while adding a sparkling effect. They can range from a simple fan-like style to a massive set of 10 or 16-diamond lashes.


Wispy different style eyelash extensions can be quite challenging to map. You should practice on at least 10 to 20 clients to get used to the look. You may want to use a lash comb to separate the fans and make sure each one stands on its own. This look requires a light touch and patience.

Wispy mapping starts with the shortest lashes and gradually works its way to the lengthiest. The style is suitable for people with almond, round, and close-set eyes. You can also get this look with a satin or silk-covered pillow.


Hybrid style eyelash extensions are designed to give you the look of naturally long eyelashes but without the work. They use adhesive to attach to each individual fiber of your natural eyelashes. The resulting eyelashes are evenly lengthened and thick. They are usually applied to sixty to ninety percent of your natural lashes. The process of applying this style of lash extensions is not very difficult, as it uses the same techniques you already know to create classic and voluminous lashes.

Hybrid style eyelash extensions are not for everyone, as they can look unnatural on some clients. They look best on clients with large, beautiful eyes and eyelids that do not sag. The only downside is that they may not last that long – they may need to be redone after two or three weeks.


Feline different style eyelash extensions use longer extensions outside the eye area to give the appearance of bigger and wider eyes. This style works well on those with almond-shaped eyes. However, it isn’t a good choice for those with naturally down-turned eyes, since the longer extensions tend to exaggerate the look of down-turned eyes. If you have down-turned eyes, however, you may want to try a different style.

Feline different style eyelash extensions come in several different lengths and styles. The classic style uses only one extension on each natural lash and is the most subtle. However, volume style uses three to six extensions for every natural eyelash and creates more drama and density. Moreover, hybrid style uses a combination of volume and classic style eyelash extensions. The classic lashes are short while the volume lashes are longer.

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