Different Types of Eyelash Extension Styles

Different Types of Eyelash Extension Styles;

There are different types of eyelash extension styles. You may be wondering what they are. Here is an overview of Cat eye, Doll, Hybrid, and Silk. Once you’ve decided which style suits your eye shape, you can visit a beauty salon to get the results you desire. Here are some tips to keep your eyelashes healthy and supple. Using an oil-based cleanser is recommended to prevent lash extension damage and preserve your natural lashes.

Cat eye

A cat eye lash extension style creates a dramatic effect. It uses longer lashes on the outer corner and shorter ones on the inner corner. It makes the outer corner of the eye look smaller, giving the eye a triangular look. The lashes on the outer corner of the eye tend to sag with age, and a cat eye style can help reverse this effect.


Doll eyelash extension styles are a popular choice for clients wanting to accentuate their eyes. Because of their longer length, these lashes give the impression of wider eyes. Doll lash extensions are often used by celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, who has wide, almond-shaped eyes.


Hybrid eyelash extension styles are a versatile option for enhancing your eyelashes. They are more natural-looking than volume fan lashes, but they are not as dramatic as the classic style. If you are interested in trying out this style, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, make sure you follow the aftercare instructions carefully. After applying hybrid eyelashes, you should not get them wet for 48 hours. You should also avoid using steam or saunas until 48 hours after the application of the lashes. This is because heat and water can negatively affect the glue bonding your natural lashes and extensions to each other.


Silk eyelash extensions are a lighter, more natural alternative to mink eyelashes. Unlike mink lashes, which are made from real mink fur, silk lashes are synthetically made and feel almost natural. They are ideal for women with weak or thinning natural lashes and are cruelty-free, too!


Russian eyelash extension styles are known for their dramatic and fluffy look. Russian volume lashes are typically added to one natural lash in a fan or cluster style to achieve a voluminous look. This style is less damaging to natural eyelashes than classic eyelash extensions and requires less adhesive. Russian volume lashes also appear darker than classic sets.


5D eyelash extension styles are a luxurious way to add volume to your eyelashes. They come in various lengths from six to twelve millimeters. These styles require expert eyelash stylists who know how to apply each extension in the right way to give your eyes the desired look. These extensions are also more comfortable for everyday use.


If you’re interested in adding color to your eyelashes, colored eyelash extensions are a great way to do so. These extensions can bring out your natural eye color and also create a dramatic effect. They’re also great for special occasions, whether you’re going to a costume party or just want to spice up your everyday look.


Highlighted eyelash extensions are a great way to accentuate the colour of your eyes. These dramatic lashes come in a variety of colours and are often paired with shimmer powder to give them a natural glow. Golden shimmer makeup works best with eyelash extensions, creating a dramatic effect around the eyes. This style is particularly popular on celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.


Natural eyelash extension styles mimic the contours of natural lashes. They are generally shorter on the inner and outer corner of the eye and longer on the centre. In addition, they mimic the growth cycle of the eyelashes, making them more natural looking.

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