Eyelash Extension Curl Styles

Eyelash Extension Curl Styles;

There are several eyelash extension curl styles that can be applied to the client’s eyelashes. C curls are often placed between D curls to create a wispy effect. CC curls are used on clients who want to create a more doll-like eye appearance with the lashes reaching the eyebrows.

CC curls in-between D curls create a wispy effect

CC curls are synthetic extensions that add volume, thickness, and lift to the lashes. They can be applied in-between D curls or applied independently for a wispy effect. These extensions match the lift of the natural lashes and create a fun and flirty look.

Unlike the D curl, CC curls offer a decent curl, but they’re still not as dramatic as their more dramatic cousin. For this reason, they’re best used on naturally curled lashes and as accents to natural lashes. CC curls can be found on any lash length and can give a lash lift effect.

DD curls are a force to be reckoned with

A D curl is perfect for widening most eyes and enhancing the shape of the eyes. It is also excellent for clients with small eyes and can transform straight lashes into a doll-eye effect. Typically, a ‘DD’ curl is at a 90-degree angle, though this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This style is also best for clients with hooded eyelids.

This curl style is also popular with lash technicians who want to create a more intense lift. The lashes look like they are reaching for the eyebrows and give a bold statement. For those who prefer a doll-like appearance, a D curl can be used to create a soft, wavy look.

Doll eye gives a natural look

Doll eye eyelash extensions give a naturally-curled look to your eyes. They are popular for giving your eyes a dramatic look while making your eyes appear larger. These extensions are best for clients with round or close-set eyes, but they are not a good choice for clients with very close-set or large eyes.

These eyelash extensions are commonly found on celebrities. They give a natural look and are ideal for young clients who want to look beautiful for special events. Doll eyelash extensions are often made in a variety of styles, depending on the length of the client’s eyelashes. This style provides a very natural-looking look and can be enhanced by mascara or eyeshadow.

Doll eyelash extensions can be expensive, costing upwards of $150 for a full semi-permanent set. However, they are extremely effective and will not fall off after one night on the town. However, the procedure can be lengthy, taking two to three hours.

Cat eye gives an almond-shaped eye

If your eye is almond-shaped, a cat eye lash extension curl style will look the best. These curl styles are short at the outer corners and gradually increase in length through the eyelid. However, beware of the wrong application technique, which can create a flat, unflattering appearance.

If your eye shape is not almond-shaped, the doll eye style is a great choice. This style opens the eye and makes it appear larger without making it look too round. It is ideal for clients who want to have cute, big eyes. To apply this look, start by examining the client’s natural eyelashes and using the appropriate lash wand or eye pads.

If your eye shape is not almond-shaped, you don’t need eyelash extensions along the corner of your eye. However, if your eye shape is round, you might want to apply lashes along your natural lash line. This will make your lashes look longer without over-stretching the eye.

X40s reach outward a little more than X35s

If you’re looking for an extra dramatic curl, try the X40 eyelash extension curl style. This extension style is the most popular in the Xtreme Lashes line. Its curl style reaches a little farther outward than the X35s and can even mimic a hand-held lash curler. Unlike natural lashes, X40s can reach up and touch the skin a bit above the deepest-set eyes.

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