Eyelash Extension Style Chart 2

Eyelash Extension Style Chart;

In addition to the standard styles of eyelash extensions, you can get unique looks by using different styles of extensions. These styles can include the Cat-eye, Doll, Volume, and Reverse cat-eye. These styles differ slightly in the amount of length and thickness of each lash. These different styles can make your eyes look different and add depth and definition to your eyes.


Cat-eye eyelash extensions are a style of eyelashes with a distinctive triangular shape. These extensions are often applied to the outer corner of the eye. This style makes the eyes appear wider. The style should not be applied to eyes that are set far apart or downward.


Doll eyelash extensions are a great way to achieve a beautiful, long look. They focus on the center of the eye and make it appear bigger and more prominent. The ideal length for this style is between eight and twelve millimeters, depending on the length of your real eyelashes.

Reverse cat-eye

The reverse cat-eye eyelash extension style is similar to a cat’s eye but isn’t as dramatic. In this style, long lashes start in the outer corner of the eye and shorten to the inner corner. It creates a doll-like look, which is flattering for most eye shapes.


If you want to add some extra volume to your eyelashes, you should consider getting volume eyelash extensions. These extensions require less glue than classic eyelashes, so they don’t feel bulky. Plus, these extensions give you beautiful, fluffy lashes. But you need to choose carefully.


If you are interested in having your eyelashes enhanced, you should consider a hybrid eyelash extension style. These lashes are thicker than classic lashes, but they are not as dramatic as volume fans. However, you should know that hybrid eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Hybrid eyelash extensions are best applied by a certified lash technician. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria and oil buildup.

L+ curls

The L+ curl is similar to the L curl, but is slightly curvier. The L+ curl is used for the widest eyelid effect. It also adds lift to lashes that are naturally straight or have hooded lids. This style is best suited for clients who want to give their lashes a more dramatic look.

Downturned eyes

For eyes that are downturned, there are a few different eyelash extension styles to choose from. Cat-eye style is ideal for a downturned eye, but you should remember that the style of your eyelashes must complement your eyes. Cat-eye eyelashes are long near the outer corner of the eye and short near the inner corner. If you have an upturned eye, you can use a combination of cat-eye and natural eyelash styles to add volume to the area. Those with a downturned eye can also opt for a doll-style lash style, which has a strong outer curl to open the eye.

Silk lashes

Silk eyelash extensions are a more natural-looking alternative to synthetic lashes. These fibers have a semi-matte finish and are less expensive. Silk eyelashes are particularly popular with women who want to create a dramatic look. They are also more flexible and lighter than synthetic lashes.

Length of extensions

When it comes to eyelash extensions, the length of the extensions is important to consider. You should choose the length that matches your natural lashes. Choosing the right length for your natural lashes will also help you avoid breakage and decrease retention. The average length for eyelash extensions is eight to 15 mm, though some salons offer longer extensions. Choosing the right length for your natural lashes depends on your face shape and how you plan to wear the extensions.

Thickness of extensions

When getting eyelash extensions, you will want to choose the thickness carefully. The wrong thickness can result in poor retention and premature falling off of the extensions. The best choice is one that is slightly thicker than your natural eyelashes.

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