Eyelash Extension Style Guide

Eyelash Extension Style Guide;

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you should be able to choose your favorite style from a wide variety of options. You can choose a cat-eye style or a natural one that accentuates your eyes. Curly and open-eye styles are also available. Depending on the style you choose, they can make your eyes appear voluminous or wide-set.

Cat-Eye style

Cat-Eye eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural eye shape. This style features longer lashes in the outer corner, while short ones sit in the inner corner. This look is perfect for people with rounded eyes because it makes the eyes appear bigger.

You can apply these extensions to create a playful look that is perfect for everyday wear. The best part about these extensions is that they do not damage your natural lashes. They are also custom-made, making them a great way to change the shape of your eyes.

Natural style

Natural eyelash extensions follow the contour of your natural eyelashes, providing consistent length and volume across the eyelid. They are applied from the inner corner of the eye outward, and their length increases as they get closer to the outer corner. If you prefer a dramatic eye look, you can get extensions that alternate the lengths across your eye.

This style suits most eye shapes and can be worn every day. It can help open up down-turned eyes, but isn’t the most flattering style for round eyes, since it will produce an overly round effect. This style is used by many Hollywood celebrities, including Blake Lively and Angelina Jolie, as it adds volume without changing the shape of the eye.

Open-Eye style

Open-Eye eyelash extensions are a versatile choice that adds length and volume to the eyes. This style features the longest lashes above the iris and the shortest at the outer and inner corners. These lashes create a dramatic effect by making eyes appear bigger than they actually are.

Open-Eye eyelash extensions are often called doll eyes. This style is ideal for people with round eyes. The eyelashes will be longer in the middle, making your eyes appear wider and rounder. If you have round eyes, avoid the doe-eye and cat-eye styles unless you want your eyes to appear bigger than they are.

Curly style

Before choosing a curl for your client, it’s important to understand their eye shape and natural lashes. This will help you determine which curls will best match their natural lashes. For example, a client with small eyes may want a low curl or a cat-eye curl. A client with large eyes, on the other hand, may prefer a doll-eye curl or a cat-eye curl.

Another option for your clients is a U curl. This curl isn’t as curly as the ‘L’ or ‘C’ curl, but it is great for clients with a downward lash line. A little more curl will make your lashes appear more dramatic and open.

Mink lashes

The best way to decide what type of eyelash extensions to use is to compare them to your natural lashes. While silk and mink lashes look similar, silk lashes are often more expensive and are not suitable for people with allergies. Real mink lashes are a great option for people who want to look more natural and have longer lashes. Generally speaking, mink lashes are lighter and less bulky than silk, so they are easier to apply and remove.

Mink lashes have a semi-matte finish. They come in light and dark brown. The original silk lashes are made by boiling cocoons of silkworms, but today’s silk lashes are synthetic and contain PBT fibers. Sable lashes are made from hair collected from the sables of Siberia, although hair from ferrets and weasels is also used.

Colored lashes

Choosing the right style for you is an important part of the eyelash extension process. If you’re looking for something a bit more colorful than standard black lashes, you’ll want to go with ombre or colored lashes. This type of lash extension has a two-toned look, with lighter tips than the base. Regardless of the color of your lashes, the application technique is the same as for standard lashes.

If you have bright blue eyes, a deep brown lash extension can really bring out your eye color. You can also add color to green eyes by choosing a purple shade. This shade will add contrast, which is ideal for green eyes.

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