Eyelash Extension Style Names

Eyelash Extension Style Names;

There are several eyelash extension styles. These include the cat eye, the natural sweep, and the doll eye. Let’s explore some of them and how they can affect your look. The doll eye style gives the appearance of a wide, open eye and its most common length is right in the center of the lash line. The outer corner lashes are medium or short. This is the least extreme version of the Open Eye style, creating the impression of a rounder eye.

Doll eye

Doll eyelash extensions are a popular choice for clients with wide-set eyes, as they make the eyes appear more elegant. They can also be an excellent choice for beginners to the industry as these extensions have undeniable aesthetic appeal. These lashes are soft and natural looking and are designed to accentuate the center of the eye. The extensions are made to range in length from eight to twelve millimeters, depending on the client’s natural eyelashes.

Cat eye

Cat eye eyelash extensions are the classic style. They have long lashes on the outside corner of the eye and short ones on the inside corner. These lashes create a dramatic look and are designed to create a rounder and more elongated eye. This style can make a person’s eyes appear larger, but is also a great choice for someone who has short lashes. The cat-eye style is a classic and flattering look. It features shorter lashes that mimic the look of winged eyeliner. This style is ideal for round eyes and gives them a sultry appearance.


Sable eyelash extensions are made from the fur of the sable, a small carnivorous animal native to Siberia and Russia. The thin, lightweight hair of the sable is the ideal material for eyelash extensions, because they won’t weigh your natural lashes down and will frame your eyes beautifully.


Hybrid eyelash extension styles are a versatile option for enhancing your eyelashes. They are more natural-looking than volume fan lashes, but they are not as dramatic as the classic style.

Natural sweep

If you’re in the market for lash extensions, the Natural sweep is a great style to try. This eyelash style is a cross between the Feline Flick and the Dolly Lift. The natural sweep creates a shapely cat-eye look by adding extensions that are shorter in the inner corner and longer along the rest of the lash line.


There are a few different styles of eyelash extensions. They include Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Russian Style. Although the styles are different, they all have the same basic technique. Each style starts by isolating one natural lash and gluing the extension to it. This technique is used for maximum volume and to avoid tarnishing the natural lashes.

L+ curls

An L+ curl is slightly more dramatic than an L curl, but it’s still very natural-looking. It’s a great choice for small or droopy eyes, and its base is long and straight. It curls from the center out, adding extra lift and volume to the natural lash.

L+ curves

There are many variations of eyelash extension styles, but the most common are the D, L, and L+ curves. These curls are dense and dramatic, and add volume and lift to the eye. When it comes to choosing the right style, your stylist will consider the type of eyelid that you have.

L+ bends

Eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles. Some are flat and others are curled, and the L curl is ideal for hooded eyelids. There is also an M curl, which is a slightly curlier version of the L. This style is softer and bends a little more at the tip, which makes them more noticeable.

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