Eyelash Extension Styles For Hooded Eyes

Eyelash Extension Styles For Hooded Eyes;

If you want to add more dramatic appeal to your hooded eyes, there are a few eyelash extension styles that you can choose from. The styles you can choose from include natural, long, and cat eye. The straight base provides a more comfortable surface for applying eyelash extensions. A straight base also gives you a better bond with your natural eyelashes.

Length of curl

A client can choose the length of curl in their eyelash extensions depending on the shape of their eyelids. Most people choose a curl that is natural looking, but some prefer curls that are more dramatic. There are four types of curls available, ranging from J curl to C curl. Each type of curl has a different feel and look, with J curls being the least curly and least lifted. A C curl is the most typical. A D curl is the most dramatic, and D curls sit closest to the eyelid. L curls have a harsher L shape, and they are best for those with hooded eyelids.

A hooded eye is caused by extra skin that folds down from the brow bone. It’s a cosmetic condition caused by aging or genetics. If you’re experiencing this condition, eyelash extensions can help make your eyes look larger.

Cat eye

If you have a hooded eye shape, you can try a cat eye eyelash extension to give you a dramatic look. This shape is usually characterized by an extra fold of skin in the crease of the eye. The longer the lashes are, the less noticeable the fold will be. This type of eyelash extension is perfect for people with hooded eyes because it will add length and lift to their eyes without causing the folds to close in.

The M Curl is the most popular style of cat eye eyelash extensions for hooded eye types. The M Curl style features two to six lashes placed parallel to each other and pointing in the same direction. This lash style is a combination of classic and volume extensions. Classic lashes create “spikes” while volume fans add fluffiness to the lashes.

Doll eye

If you have hooded eyes, a cat eye style will be the perfect extension to accentuate your hooded eyes. This style is a classic look that will add depth and draw attention to your eyes. This style is best done with an L-curl because it helps open up your eyes.

For a beautiful look, you should have your extensions applied in the center of your lash line. This way, you will have an even look. You can also choose between curls with a straight base. These will provide a better bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.


Natural eyelash extensions for hooded eyelids can help you achieve the dramatic effect you desire, without the need for mascara or eyeliner. These lash extensions are designed to add volume and lift droopy eyelids. They are available in various curls and are ideal for hooded eyes.

To create the desired effect, a lash extension artist must first understand the shape of the eyelids. It is not easy to apply makeup on eyes with hooded lids because of the extra layer of skin that is in the crease. Moreover, eye shadow or mascara will not show up well on hooded eyes.

Natural lash style

If you have hooded eyes, you are likely conscious about how your lashes will look. This type of eye shape is common among older women and is caused by the fold of the eyelid that hangs down. This fold often covers part of the eyelid or the entire lid. While some women have hooded eyes naturally, others develop this condition as they age. Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Natalie Portman are all celebrities with hooded eyes.

A natural lash style for hooded eyes is one that draws attention to the center of the eye. These lashes can be tapered or full to add fullness. The lashes can be tucked under the hooded eyelid, which can hide the hood.

Almond eye

An Almond eyelash style will give the illusion of a smaller gap in the outer corner of your eye and create a soft look. This look is also perfect for hooded eyes. You can achieve this look by having longer lashes on the outer corners of your eye and shorter lashes on the inner corners. The key to creating this look is to find a lash technician who knows how to work with hooded eyes.

For the perfect look, your lash extension artist should first assess your eye shape. You may have almond, deep, wide, mono-lid, or downturned eyes. Then, you should choose a lash extension style that works for you. This style is ideal for special occasions, including weddings, proms, and professional portraits.

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