Eyelash Extension Style Chart

eyelash extension style chart

Eyelash Extension Style Chart; Choosing the right eyelash extension style starts with knowing your eyes shape. There are many standard eye shapes, including almond, round, upturned, downturned, small, hooded, and more. You should also consider eye size, which can be measured horizontally and vertically. It is also helpful to compare your eyes with other features … Read more

Best Eyelash Extension Style For Hooded Eyes

eyelash extension style for hooded eyes

Best Eyelash Extension Style For Hooded Eyes; The best eyelash extension style for hoode eyes is a V or U shape that creates dimension in the center of the eye. The outer corners should also have lift and volume. When using traditional volume lashes, make sure to use more C-curl lashes than B-curl lashes to … Read more