Choosing Different Styles of Eyelash Extensions

Choosing Different Styles of Eyelash Extensions;

If you want to enhance your eyelashes and make them stand out, you can choose from different styles of eyelash extensions. For example, you can choose from natural or dolly, a cat eye curl. You can also opt for straight or J curls. All of these styles will make your eyelashes look more natural and open.

Natural or Dolly style

Whether you’re looking to give your clients a more dramatic look, a Dolly style may be right for you. This style mimics the shape of the eye, and is perfect for customers with small eyes. It also makes the eyes look more open and closer together. The aesthetic benefits of this style are undeniable, and it’s ideal for beginners in the beauty industry.


Cat-eye eyelash extensions are different than the normal lashes. The lash length and width vary. The shortest eyelashes are glued to the inner corner of the eye and the longer ones are glued to the outer corner. The outer corner of the eye should be slightly shorter than the inner corner, since too long an extension can pull the eye down. The lash extensions should be about two millimeters longer than your natural lashes.


Feline styles are a great way to enhance your eyes. These eyelash extensions are applied on the outer edges of the eyelashes, giving your eyes a more defined and dramatic look. These styles also create a sexy cat-eye shape by emphasizing the natural shape of the eye. They are particularly suitable for women with round eyes, and will accentuate their eyes.

Feline style

If you want a dramatic look, consider getting feline style eyelash extensions. Feline style lashes have a sharp tip at the end, similar to a cat’s eye. This style of eyelash extension adds dramatic volume and elegance to the eyes. It’s also a natural alternative to doll lashes.

Dolly style

Dolly style eyelash extensions are designed to mimic natural lashes, making the eyes appear more rounded and open. This style of eyelash extension is ideal for small eyes because it enlarges the shape of the eyes. This style can also be used to enhance larger eyes.


There are many eyelash extensions styles for deep-set eyes, so choosing the right one depends on your eye shape. If you have a hooded eye, for example, you should choose a style with a C-curl, as this will flatter your hooded eye. If you want to give your eyes a more defined appearance, you should choose a style with fluttery lashes.


The style of your eyelashes can make a difference in the overall look. Long lashes are beautiful and can enhance your natural beauty, but if you have thin eyelashes, you may not want to choose this style. On the other hand, if you have thick eyelashes, you can choose this style because it will give you extra volume.

Deep-set with prominent brow bone

Deep-set eyes are characterized by a prominent brow bone that sets the eyes deeper into the face. These eyes can look dark, but a light shimmer shadow can brighten them up and make them look larger. However, light shadows should be applied with care and should extend beyond the crease to avoid getting swallowed by the eye socket. Deep-set eyes can benefit from the addition of lashes, so make sure you choose medium-density ones.

Round with prominent brow bone

This kind of eyeliner will help create the illusion that your eyes are closer together. This type of eyelash extensions will emphasize the center of the eye while accentuating the brow bone. The extensions will follow the natural curvature of your eyelash line.

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