Different Types of Eyelash Extensions Styles 1

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions Styles 1;

When choosing eyelash extensions, it is important to choose the right style for your eyes. Different types have different advantages and disadvantages. The J curl provides the most natural-looking results, with a slight curl and volume. This type of curl is suitable for people with naturally straight lashes. The B curl is slightly more curved and offers a subtle lift. C curls are a favorite among clients because they give eyes a more open look, while D curls are more dramatic.

Mixed lash style

The Mixed lash style for eyelash extensions adds volume and length. These extensions are applied in a ratio of 1:1 to your natural lash, giving you a natural look with long lashes. You can choose the volume you want, ranging from 2D to 6D. The more extensions you have, the more strip-like they will look. This type of lash extension can be applied using pre-made fans or by hand with a special tweezer. This style of eyelash extensions is lighter than traditional styles and can last anywhere from two to four hours.

This style is often used for clients who want to give themselves a glamorous look. It looks perfect on clients who want a smoked-out look. It can even enhance the look of winged eyeliner.


Doll-eye eyelash extensions are ideal for a quick, glamorous look. They make eyelashes appear fuller and smoother, and are lightweight, too. These eyelash extensions are designed to compliment a variety of eye shapes and sizes. Your artist will assess your natural lashes before applying these extensions, and will then recommend the right curl for your eyes. The CC curl is generally a good choice, as it gives an eyelash extension a lovely middle effect.

To get this style, you will want to have long lashes at the inner corner of your eye, with shorter lengths towards the outer corner. This creates a sultry look that is perfect for a night out or special occasion.


Cat-eye eyelash extensions are a great option for enhancing the shape of your eyes. These eyelash extensions have a gradual length increase from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. These lashes are approximately 50% longer than your natural lashes. The length of the lashes varies between nine and fourteen millimeters. There are a few tips to getting this look right. Make sure to have your lashes professionally applied by a stylist who knows how to apply eyelash extensions.

After the application, you should keep in mind that your new eyelashes will need some aftercare. Avoid sleeping with your face in a pillow, as this will cause premature eyelid wrinkles and eyelash loss.


Volume in eyelash extensions is a style that uses many smaller lashes to create a thicker line. Ideally, the lashes used should be at least 0.05mm in diameter. If they are thicker, they may overwhelm the natural lashes. However, volume eyelash extensions can be very effective and are becoming increasingly popular.

There are two types of volume eyelash extensions: classic and hybrid. Both are safe and require a trained stylist. A hybrid set is a good option if you have sparse lashes or want a more natural look. These extensions are often applied manually, so be sure to find a salon that is reputable. Hygiene is also very important in these procedures. Make sure to look at a salon’s portfolio and ask for recommendations.

Volume lashes add a dramatic look to natural lashes. They are a good option for those looking for a darker look. The number of extensions used for volume lashes can range from two to eight. Usually, volume lashes are applied with a fan technique that is gentle on the natural lash.


Hybrid eyelash extensions styles give you both volume and a natural look. The volume set covers more lash line and lasts longer, whereas the classic set leaves a natural appearance. Your lash technician will determine which combination is best for you based on your lash line and desired style.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a great way to try out lash extensions before committing to full volume lashes. This style is also perfect for those clients with naturally thin or weak lashes. Hybrid eyelash extensions are easier to apply than classic lash sets, and you can customize them to achieve your desired look.

The pros and cons of each style can be discussed during your consultation with a lash stylist. Your lash stylist will also advise you as to which one suits you best. Depending on your eye shape, a hybrid look will enhance your eyelashes.

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