Choosing the Eyelash Extensions Style That Suits Your Face Best

Choosing the Eyelash Extensions Style That Suits Your Face Best;

When it comes to eyelash extensions, there are many styles available. There are Doll eye, Cat-eye, Hybrid, Classic, and more. Each of these styles is great for different eye shapes. If you’re considering getting a lash extension, this article will help you choose the style that suits your face best.

Doll eye

The Doll eyelash extensions style is a great choice for women with wide-set eyes. They can help make eyes appear bigger and more dramatic, while also eliminating the need to apply makeup or wear contact lenses. This style is also suitable for special occasions like parties and vacations. This type of eyelash extension will create a glamorous look and give you a more confident appearance.

The Doll eyelash extensions style is very common. The technique involves the application of two or three extensions to one natural eyelash. Compared to natural lashes, the result is an enhanced appearance, but not a clumpy look. This style will last approximately four to six weeks. After this period, they will fall out as the natural lashes grow. However, you can get a touch-up every few weeks to maintain the look.


Whether your lashes are a little too long or too short, cat-eye eyelash extensions are an easy choice for your natural lashes. The style’s short outer and inner corner provides instant density. This style is perfect for people with any type of natural lash. You’ll need to remember to take good care of your cat lashes after getting them.

This style is known for its slightly angled look. If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you may find it difficult to apply the lashes straight. Depending on your client’s needs, lash thickness can range from 0.03mm for volume to 0.07mm for dramatic, heavy lashes.


Hybrid eyelash extensions are an excellent option for those who want to have both length and volume in their lashes. These lashes are up to two millimeters longer than natural eyelashes and require more preparation time than standard volume lashes. They are also more expensive than classic lashes. A hybrid lash set can be applied permanently or temporarily.

In order to achieve a good hybrid look, hairdressers must first determine the eye shape and size of the client. This will determine which type of lash extensions is best for the individual. If the client has thin or sparse eyelashes, a hybrid look may not work for her, but she can still opt for a hybrid style.


A popular eyelash extension style is the classic cat-eye style, which is great for creating an almond-shaped eye. It can also make eyes look wider and longer. Stars like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie frequently use this style. It involves mixing long and short lashes, resulting in a messy look.

Classic eyelash extensions are a great choice for everyday wear. These lashes are not overly full, so you can easily wear them without being distracted from your natural lashes. You can also choose to add color to your lashes. Clear adhesive is best for this style. Classic eyelash extensions are a great option if you want to add color to your lashes but don’t want to sacrifice your natural lashes.

The classic style uses one false lash per natural lash. In contrast, the volume style makes use of several eyelash extensions. Some salons also offer hybrid styles, which combine both classic and volume styles.


If you want to make a bold, dramatic statement, consider glam eyelash extensions. These extensions provide added volume, length, and curl to the eyelashes. They also add flare, which can draw attention to your eyes. Glam eyelash extensions are an excellent option for women who want all eyes to be on them.

Glam eyelash extensions are not for everyone, and you should know that they may not be suitable for every eye. If you’re prone to allergic reactions, you should be very careful with this treatment. They can cause intense sensitivity and itching. One woman said she looked like she had just fought ten rounds with Mike Tyson after getting them.

You can get the same look by using a different adhesive. If you don’t have any allergies, you can use an adhesive-based formula. The adhesive that is used to attach your eyelashes can be very irritating to some people, but it’s generally safe. You should follow instructions carefully so that the adhesive doesn’t cause any harm to your eyes.

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