Eyelash Extension Mapping Styles

Eyelash Extension Mapping Styles;

Eyelash extension mapping is a process of applying each lash on a gel pad that has different sections, lengths, and curls. Depending on the client’s choice, eyelash mapping can be done in five, six, or more sections. Many styles come with their own lash maps, but you can also adapt one of them to fit your client’s preference.


Cat-eye eyelash extension mapping styles vary from one another, depending on the shape of the eyelashes. In the beginning, the stylist should start by sitting the client up head-on to map out the shape of her eyelashes. This helps the technician decide what shape to apply on her eyelashes and which style to use. After mapping out the shape of the eyelashes, the stylist can then choose the exact length, thickness, and curl for each eye.

The classic cat-eye style has long outer lashes and short inner lashes, which mimic the shape of a winged eyeliner. This style is popular with women who want to add a little extra volume to their lashes, and it can help make their face appear slimmer.


The squirrel eyelash extension mapping style is very natural looking. It begins with a small part of the lash at the inner corner of the eye and gradually rises to the outer corner. The outer corner should be short and straight, similar to the natural angle of the lashes. This style is best for clients who want a natural look.

This style is popular all over the world. The lash style is similar to cat-eye and fox eyelashes, and is designed to add length from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. It is also similar to the cat-eye style, but with less length variation. The lashes are prepared with a primer before being attached.


Doll eyelash extension mapping styles are a great option for clients who want a glamorous or smoked-out look. These types of styles are also great for clients who wear glasses or have thin natural lashes. If you’re planning to give these lashes to your clients, you should learn how to apply these extensions correctly and carefully. Here’s an overview of the different styles: 1. Traditional: The classic doll eyelash extension style.

Doll eyelashes have a soft and natural look that emphasizes the middle of the eye. To apply doll eyelash extensions, you should start at the inner corner of your client’s eye and gradually lengthen them to the center. For best results, choose an extension length between 8mm and 12mm.

C curl

Eyelash extension mapping styles vary greatly depending on your client’s eye shape. Clients with downward-pointing lashes, for example, will need a stronger curl than a client with upward-pointing lashes. The opposite is true if the client wants dramatic, doll-eye lashes, and they’ll need a flatter curl.

When mapping styles, you must understand the shape of the eye to avoid making a mistake. The iris is a key area to map, as it identifies the outer corner of the eye. After mapping the eye, you can begin the application.

D curl

D curl is one of the most dramatic eyelash extension mapping styles. It gives a doll-like effect, and is a great choice for clients who like to show off their lashes. This style also offers the greatest lift and is the most noticeable when applied. It is sometimes combined with C curl to give an extra dramatic effect.

D curl eyelash extensions are curlier and longer than standard lashes. The lengths of these lashes should be chosen in accordance to the shape of the client’s eye. Longer eyelashes above the brow bone can give the illusion of bigger eyes, while longer lashes below the brow bone can give the look of smaller eyes.

Wispy volume

If you are new to the art of applying eyelash extensions, you might be wondering how to create a wispy volume style. There are several different styles of this technique, and it’s important to know which one is right for you. To get a great wispy look, follow these tips.

The first step is mastering the art of mapping. Mapping involves determining which lash goes where, and ensuring that each one looks natural. Each client is unique, so it’s essential to use a map that is customized to each individual.

Doll eye

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your eyes, consider applying doll eyelash extensions. These lashes will make your eyes appear larger and closer to your natural shape. These extensions are perfect for customers who have small eyes. The key to this style is knowing the proper positioning. If applied improperly, the results will look unnatural.

The main advantage of this extension style is its attractive look. Unlike traditional false eyelashes, doll eyelash extensions are lightweight and will not cause any damage to your natural lashes. These lashes are perfect for adding extra oomph to an everyday look. There are a variety of styles available and it is important to choose the one that best complements your eye shape.

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