Different Eyelash Extension Styles

Different Eyelash Extension Styles;

Eyelash extensions can be applied in several styles. Listed below are some of the most common. The J curl, also known as the B curl, is very subtle and is a good choice for those who want a natural appearance. C and D curls are the most common styles and have a rounded curve. D curls are slightly curvier than C curls. DIY extensions like Lilac St. have a curvature that is somewhere between C and D.


Cat-eye eyelash extension styles have a natural look that can enhance the natural shape of the eye. This style uses long lashes in the center of the eye, while short lashes are placed on the inner and outer corners. These eyelashes lift the eye, making it appear larger. If you have deep-set or hooded eyes, cat-eye eyelash extensions can help you achieve a sexy look.

Unlike normal eyelash extensions, cat-eye lash extensions start at the inner corner and gradually increase in length towards the outer corner. This style is flattering to most eye shapes and can be very dramatic or very natural. If you go to a skilled lash extension technician, they may even use slightly shorter extensions above the outer corner to lift the eye more effectively. This is important, as too long lashes at the outer corner will have the opposite effect.


If you’re looking for an exotic yet natural look, kitten eyelash extension styles may be right for you. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, kitten eyelash extensions are long, and they elongate your eye shape. They add drama and density by using 3-6 super-thin extensions per natural lash.

A kitten eyelash extension styles is defined by the placement of the shortest lash in the inner corner, and the longest one at the outer corner. The outer lashes should be tapered towards the shortest. This style creates an illusion of an almond shape.


Dolly eyelash extension styles are a popular choice for customers who want their eyes to look bigger. These styles have short lashes on the outer and inner corners and longer lashes in the middle. Although these styles are the most popular among newbies in the industry, they are not suitable for every client.

To choose the right Dolly eyelash extension styles, you should first choose the shape of your eyes. If you have hooded eyes, you should choose the style that adds fullness to the center of your eyes. You should avoid using the Cat-Eye style, because it will exaggerate the drop.


Natural eyelash extension styles are more natural-looking and tend to accentuate natural lashes. They are applied to the entire eyelid, but are slightly longer at the outer edges and shorter in the middle. The resulting look is as natural as possible. This style is best for first-time lash extension users, who want to add drama to their eyes without looking overly artificial.

The next step up from natural eyelashes is the volume style. These lashes have several layers of lashes, sometimes up to 20. They are applied using a pinching technique, and can be as thick as eight individual lashes.


You can get different types of eyelash extensions, and each type has its own unique characteristics. Some extensions are thinner than others. You should choose the thickness that suits your natural lashes. The most common thickness is 0.03 mm, but you can also get thicker extensions to achieve a natural look.

Classic eyelash extensions add length and color to the natural lashes. However, they are heavier than Russian Volume lashes. This can weigh down the natural lash and cause it to fall off sooner.


If you want a bold look, consider colored eyelash extension styles. These lash enhancements are the newest trend in the beauty industry, and they can increase your client base and generate more referrals. They can add symmetry to the eyes and provide a flawless finish. Many people opt for them as an alternative to natural lashes, and there are many benefits to this procedure.

You can choose the colour and length that is best suited for your client’s eyes. The main advantage to these extensions is that they do not weigh down the natural eyelashes. Moreover, they are more effective than mascara. In addition, they can give your Instagram account a more eye-catching look.


Silk eyelash extensions are a beautiful choice for women who want to have thick, luxurious lashes without the hassle of a full set. Since silk is a more porous material than synthetic ones, they have a natural look and feel. In addition, they are less likely to cause irritation or redness in the eye. Besides, silk lashes can last longer than synthetic ones.

There are two main types of eyelash extension: mink and silk. While mink lashes are heavier and have a shiny appearance, silk eyelashes are lighter and feel more like your own. They last longer than synthetic lashes and can be worn even when you have thin natural lashes.

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