Different Style Kinds of Eyelash Extensions

Different Style Kinds of Eyelash Extensions;

If you want to make your eyes look bigger and more open, you should consider eyelash extensions. These can be done in different styles. For example, you can have a dolly style, which opens your eyes up and makes them appear rounded. To get this style, a lash tech adds the longest fibers to the middle of your eye, while adding shorter fibers to the outer and inner corners.


Classic style eyelash extensions can create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without weighing your natural lashes down. These extensions can be customized to achieve the desired length and thickness. They are a low-maintenance option that can boost your self-confidence.


For an edgy look, you can apply mixed styles of eyelash extensions. This look resembles natural lashes with a slightly different length and curl. They are also very lightweight and flexible. However, they are not suited for those who are allergic to animal hair.


Staggered eyelash extensions are a great way to add extra volume to your eyelashes without the need for a full set. Using this style, you can have long and short extensions placed along your lash line to create a natural, messy effect. This style is ideal for women who have natural, full lashes but want to add a dramatic effect without going overboard.


Cat-eye eyelash extensions are a classic, dramatic look that accentuates the outer corner of the eye. This style uses longer lashes on the outer corner and shorter ones on the inner corner to make the eye appear larger. This style is best suited for people with round eyes as it creates a dramatic, sultry look.


Feline style eyelash extensions are a great choice for women who want to achieve a cat-like look. These extensions are designed to create an extended and smoky look by spreading the eyelashes’ thickness. The resulting look is very natural and pleasing. This type of eyelash extension is particularly popular among women with round eyes.

C and D curls

C and D curls of eyelash extensions are ideal for clients who have prominent eyes. This type of curl is placed in the inner 70% of the eye. Before and after photos should be taken by the lash artist. It will help the client set realistic expectations and see the progress of their eyelashes.

Silk lashes

There are two major types of eyelash extensions: mink and silk. The former has a glossy finish while the latter has a matte or satin look. Both are comparable in appearance and price. Silk lashes cost about $18 to $25 USD.

Natural lashes

There are many different kinds of eyelash extensions. They come in different lengths, styles, curls, and colors. Depending on the studio, you can choose the style and color that is right for you. Natural lashes typically have a brown or black color, while synthetic lashes come in many different colors. They can be used to match or contrast natural lashes, or you can mix and match the different colors.


There are many different styles of eyelash extensions. Classic lashes are more subtle, while volume lashes are more dramatic. A hybrid style is also available that combines volume and classic lashes. Hybrids give a soft, natural look without the harshness that comes with volume lashes.


3D eyelash extensions give you the best of both worlds: a natural look and a dramatic effect. These types of extensions are less expensive than traditional extensions, and they will last for months with proper care. The best thing about 3D eyelashes is that you do not have to wear eye make-up for days on end. In addition, you can sleep longer and spend less time getting ready in the morning, so you can always look your best.

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