Different Types of Eyelash Extension Styles 2

Different Types of Eyelash Extension Styles 2 ;

There are a few different types of eyelash extension styles that you can get. These include the Staggered lash style, the Cat-eye style, and the Feline style. Each one has its own unique characteristics, and you’ll want to make sure you pick one that suits you best.

Staggered lashes

Staggered lashes are similar to cat-eye lashes and wispy lashes, but they are made with varying lengths. They give a dramatic look and give you lots of volume. They are also ideal if you have very thick lashes. You can even choose colored extensions to make your eyes stand out.

Staggered lashes are not suitable for people with thin, fine, or natural lashes. They are not as voluminous as individual lashes, and they will look clumpy on fine or very thin lashes. In addition, a staggered eyelash extension style is not as durable as individual lashes, which are applied individually.

Staggered lashes are best for women with long lashes. They look great on women with long lashes but give off a spike effect. They also give long lashes a fuller look and add volume.

Cat-eye style

Cat-eye style eyelash extensions are a classic look that mimics a winged liner. Unlike other styles of lashes, these are shorter than the eyelashes on your natural eye. This style is a great choice for women who want to give their eyes a sultry appearance without looking too over-done.

Cat-eye style eyelash extensions are often made with longer lashes on the inner corner and shorter lashes on the outer corner. The look is unique and beautiful when they are arranged by a professional eyelash artist. Unlike other styles of eyelash extensions, cat-eye lashes require more maintenance.

Cat eyelash extensions are challenging to apply and can turn out looking unnatural if applied incorrectly. It is important to ask your stylist to exaggerate the shape of the lashes so they don’t look too natural or look like a clown with eye makeup. Choosing a stylist with experience is crucial because it will help create the perfect map.

Natural style

The most natural style of eyelash extensions mimics the length and curl of natural lashes. They are longer in the center and shorter at the outer edge. They add length and volume, and brighten the eyes. Natural lash extensions are applied right along the eye’s natural lash line. The traditional length is around 8mm for the corners and 12-14mm for the centre of the eye.

There are many eye shapes, and the shape of your eye determines the most appropriate lash extension style for you. For example, an almond-shaped eye will look best with doll-like lashes, while a round eye will be best suited to a cat-eye style.

Feline style

If you’ve ever wanted to give your eyes a wild and seductive look, a pair of feline style eyelash extensions is for you. This unusual style of eyelashes is a bit difficult to apply, and you’ll need a highly experienced lash stylist to get the most dramatic effect. The shape of your lashes should be exaggerated so they look natural, but not so extreme that you end up with a clown-like makeup look. Make sure to ask your lash stylist for a map of your eyelashes, and wear eye pads during the process.

Cat-eye style eyelash extensions are characterized by a slight incline to the edge. These lashes are a little bit thicker than classic eyelash extensions and can give your eyes a very cat-like appearance. To apply this style, start with the shortest lengths in the inner corner and gradually build them up to the outer corner, making them appear like kitten eyelashes.

Feline style with shorter lashes

A cat-like style with short lashes is often preferred for people with small or hooded eyes. This eyelash style mimics winged eyeliner and gives the eye a lift. It also makes the face appear smaller. It works best for people with almond-shaped eyes, protruding eyes, hooded eyes, and other eye shapes. It can also be used on people with wide-set eyes.

A cat-like eyelash style starts near the inner corner of the eye and gradually gets longer towards the outer corner. It is a flattering style for most eye shapes, and it can be dramatic or more natural depending on the application technique. During the application process, a good lash technician might use extensions slightly shorter than your natural lashes. This will lift up the eye more effectively, unlike too-long lashes in the outer corner.

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